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Fit Guides

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Compression Shirts Size Guide

Compression Shirts are made to have a snug compressive fit on wearer.  The stretch fabrics used for our compression apparel does allow for some leniency in regards to fit.  

Why are there no Fit Kits for Compression Shirts?

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Loose Fit Shirts Size Guide

SublimationInc Crew shirts are perfect for travel baseball teams, training gear,  Staff T-Shirts and basketball shooter shirts.    

Why are there no Fit Kits for Crew  Shirts?

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Football Uniform Size Guide

When it comes to sublimated football uniforms we make the best uniforms in the market.  But the best look means nothing with out the perfect fit.  Use our size chart to determine best for your team.

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Basketball Size Guide

The correct fit for your sublimated basketball uniforms is the best way to maximize on court performance.  User our size chart to endure a perfect fit for your teams sublimated uniforms.

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Cheer Uniform Size Guide

The key to cheerleading at your peak performance is to ensure your have the best fitting uniform.  Our sublimated cheer uniforms have a bit of elasticity to assist in finding the perfect fit.